The Internet: A Bran Cell Killing, Mind Washing, Death Trap Machine?

I’ve noticed that the amount of time I spend on the internet and what I do while I’m on the internet seriously affects me. Before I spent hours a day on the computer, I definitely felt less stressed and was able to quiet my mind instead of over-thinking and worrying. (Although I’ve always been a nervous person, I feel like not getting up and doing something might make me more irritable, even if it doesn’t directly affect my nerves.) It also irks me that I can’t seem to get myself to do anything besides the internet when I’m in a bad mood, even though being logged in doesn’t help my mood at all. For example, today I’m feeling crappy about my weight and life in general, and instead of getting out and doing something about it I’m sitting here wasting my life away on this electronic contraption. 

I also find that different things I do online affect me, not only by changing my mood on a daily basis but by changing the way I act and the things I say. I never thought that I would be one to copy sayings I find on the internet and insert them in my speech patterns, but thanks to Tumblr I know find that “feels” and “fangirling” are now major staples in my vocabulary. I’m pretty sure spending an excess amount of time on the computer kills brain cells. \

I have this loathing for internet jokes, too. I mean, how many times have you seen the same Bad Luck Brian meme? They just aren’t funny anymore. These online jokes and memes are beginning to have a taste similar to day-old milk and cereal. Plus, (especially on Facebook), there are some rather tasteless and tactless posts and jokes that I do not appreciate, especially images that sexualize women or make a joke of rape or pedophiles.

And to conclude my rant about the more negative aspects of time spent surfing the web, it drives me crazy how instead of making something of myself I’m scrolling through images on Tumblr or reading pointless statuses on Facebook. I want to become something, and I have to actually do something. I think the problem with the internet is that when we can’t do anything that is immediately productive in our actual lives, we go online to feel like we’re getting something done. Getting fifty likes on a status or profile picture makes me feel like pretty accomplished, but in the long run it’s useless, and I imagine some of you feel the same way I do. The internet seems to be an illusion of success, a hideaway from actually doing anything of substance. 





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