A New Recipe of my Own Creation: Tropical Quinoa

So, I’ve been on a health/weight loss kick lately. For dinner, I wanted something very light, but also very summery, as this is my first week off from classes. So, I came up with this new one: tropical quiona!

Here’s what you need:

1) (cooked, plain) quinoa

2) can of pineapple slices

3) fresh strawberries

5) cinnamon

6) a bowl

7) a spoon

Ok, so here’s the process. It’s pretty simple, just a warning:

1. Put however much quinoa looks good to you in a bowl. (I used probably two whole cups of quinoa, but I used this meal as my entire dinner so)

2. Pick out and wash several strawberries. Chop them into small pieces, obviously removing the stems. 

3. On a separate work space, take out one or two pineapple rings/slices from the can. Chop them into little pieces as well. (FYI: The easiest and best way to do this is to leave the two rings on top of each other and cut around in a circle, in case that wasn’t obvious)

4. Take the chopped strawberries and chopped pineapples and put them into the bowl with the quinoa. 

5. Stir the mix together so that the fruits don’t seem like just a topping.

6. Next, for some extra tropical flavor, pour about 0.5 to 1 cup of the extra pineapple juice from the slice can into the quinoa, and stir again. (It really makes it a more flavorful and is worth the extra effort!) 

7. Enjoy, either as a small side dish or a light meal! 


{ Just an FYI, I make the recipe kind of vague in amounts and things because it’s mainly open to interpretation! Let your tastebuds choose!}


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