Culture Shock

“The Maiden” Incan Mummy

I’ve always been fascinated by history and ancient peoples and the way their minds worked, yet I had never heard of these mountaintop Incan child-sacrificing rituals. To us now, these rituals seem absurd and sadistic, as you can tell by some of the various comments below the article. I find it interesting that we tend to label the  Incans  as “primitive” peoples who killed their own youth to appease their apparent gods, and view ourselves (whether you be Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, whatever you are if anything at all) as “correct”, as “advanced”, and as “civil.” I feel that that is a skewed view. 

Of course, most people would say that the murder of children and teens in this sacrificial manner is absurd. And by our modern standards, of course it is! But to these ancient people, they truly believed that this was their livelihood and safety. It’s crazy how the human mind seems to make up it’s own explanations for things. It’s also crazy how we see the evils of our own times as things that just “have to happen” and are “normal”.

I mean hey, maybe we aren’t taking our toddlers up to the tops of volcanoes and drugging them, but what about all the things we are – and aren’t – doing? I wouldn’t say our compassion levels have risen any since ancient times. And come on – how many things to people do just to control other people nowadays, to be in charge, to be on top? Don’t you think maybe that’s just what sacrificing was – a fear tactic?

And what about the things we see on TV, hear in the news, read in the magazines? Maybe they don’t cause the deaths of kids and we aren’t doing crazy things to make the gods happy, but we still do some pretty sick stuff. Think about it – just how civilized would you consider Amanda Bynes?

Next time you’re quick to judge other cultures, look at what your own culture advocates. 

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