I don’t have writers’ block. I literally have EVERYTHING block right now. I’m so bogged down with studying – math, italian, ugh, it never ENDS! And I’m also a nervous wreck about answering people’s messages, because I’m a shy little piece of shit. I swear I’m going nowhere. Anyway, I’m writing this because I wanted to discuss the lack of people that actually care about what they do, the lack of life in our world, and the lack of passion that’s draining the color out of the earth. All three of them are the exact same problem, actually, I just felt like spelling out all the details. I’m a perfect example, sad to say. I have only spasms of passion; I’m a nervous, stressed-out wreck who knows she’ll just be another moneymaking drone-parent one day; my mind’s so cluttered that it’s beginning to fill over the brim and I overthink EVERYTHING; I have so much TO DO that there is nothing I HOPE TO DO. If someone has a fix (that isn’t drugs or alcohol, thank ya) I could use it. Please. 


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