Because women are just as good as men, hands down.

This is probably my ultimate favorite video circulating the internet.


Because I’m probably the most fired-up feminist that I know. It drives me mad to think that, as stated on ivillage , men think women should tone down their personalities. Do you men think that you have so conquered us that we females are not worthy of reaching our potentials? Personally, I view any man that thinks that a women should not be viewed as respectable, strong, and independent is a wimp in himself and does not deserve the respect of any woman or man.

Personal story time. There was this girl in one of my classes who was always very outspoken and opinionated. She always had her hand up, and she always said what she thought. Now, sometimes she seemed to be begging for some attention. But what she had to say was conversation-starting, thought-provoking, and intelligent. Now, mind you, this was a “theology of the body” religion class, so it was all things concerning love and sex and the like.  And can I tell you how many of the boys told her she was annoying and that she should shut up? At first, I agreed with them. After all, I was keeping quiet as I always did. Why couldn’t she just shut up and let us get the class over with like I was? But I got to thinking, this is just like what the video suggested. Why should she keep quiet? She has every right to flaunt her personality, just as the boys (who were exceedingly more obnoxious than she was during that class) had their right to speak out. So now I have a load of respect for that girl. And I also realized this: disrespect of women is real-world, people. It happens every day, all the time.

Of course, I can’t blame all men – I have a perfectly good boyfriend who respects me for who I am and supports my strength and independence of mind. But everyone knows, men and women alike, that the world isn’t perfect. It’s unfair, and to me there is nothing more unfair than the way women are viewed in popular society. Why should women be viewed as anything less than exact equals to men? What in the wide world is it that makes us less worthy of anything and everything? I bet you can’t name one thing.

So, I leave off with this question: What do you think is the worst form of disrespect to women? Comment, comment, comment!


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